Our Venues

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Live Arts Studio at Westfield Annapolis

Dedicated to fostering artistic expression and community engagement, Live Arts Studio (The Studio) in Annapolis is a vibrant venue where musicians, artists, performers, and members of the community can come and collaborate, create, and share their talent. Whether attending a performance, rehearsal, or other event at The Studio, individuals are likely to be inspired by the energy and creativity that permeates the space.

The Studio offers dynamic experiences and engaging performances featuring both established artists and emerging talents. Committed to uplifting and supporting our local artistic community, The Studio also attracts Broadway veterans and musical legends alike, bringing a rich tapestry of cultural experiences to residents and visitors.

Fast becoming an integral part of the Annapolis Arts scene, The Studio showcases the richness and diversity of our community and provides a vital space for artistic expression, cultural enrichment, and community connection.



2002 Annapolis Mall
Annapolis, MD 21401