The Man and His Music: A Glimpse Into the Music of Marvin Hamlisch

Song writers tend to be among the most prolific composers. Often writing at an incredibly fast pace, they strive to contain the emotion and essence of the text they’re setting in a very short amount of time. To be able to mine this type of musical gold once or twice is impressive. To do it multiple times is incredible. To do it over and over is almost unheard of except by the greatest musicians. Marvin Hamlisch was one of those rare people who hit gold over and over and over. His vast catalogue of music features song after song that are examples of how a composer at the peak of his power can fuse a melody and harmony to words so they become one.

Join us in the Studio on September 7 at 7:00 PM when six performers who knew and worked with Marvin share these unforgettable songs and the strong connection that remains with them and their composer. I hope you’ll join us for this rare opportunity to meet, hear and talk with these artists, the music and the extraordinary man who wrote it.

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The Live Arts Studio is located on the Bestgate Road side of Westfield Annapolis. Use the main entrance between Offenbacher’s and The Container Store, turn left at the main corridor, and we are located on the right hand side of the hallway next to Loft.

September 7 @ 7:00 pm
7:00 pm

Live Arts Studio at Westfield Mall

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